24/7 Virtual Urgent Care

Tulane Telehealth - Get Virtual Urgent Care

Tulane insured employees, and covered family members, now have access to 24/7 virtual urgent care.

Using the Tulane Telehealth website or app, patients can connect to a provider and get medical treatment, including prescriptions when necessary.

Tulane Telehealth is great for many common ailments:

  • Allergy
  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis
  • Cold, flu and cough
  • Headache
  • Insect bites
  • Joint aches
  • Nausea
  • Pinkeye
  • Rashes
  • Sinus infection
  • Sore throat
  • Sprains and strains
  • Urinary tract infection
  • And more!

The Tulane Telehealth service is NOT FOR EMERGENCIES or conditions that require specialist care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of medical care does Tulane Telehealth provide?

Tulane Telehealth providers can diagnose, recommend best treatment, and prescribe medications (if medically necessary) for many common conditions, including: allergies, asthma, bronchitis, cold, flu and cough, headache, insect bites, joint aches, nausea, pinkeye, rashes, sinus infection, sore throat, sprains and strains, UTI, and more! Tulane Telehealth is not appropriate for those needing emergency care or those who are in danger of harming themselves or others.  For regular scheduled visits with your Tulane doctor, please call the clinic to schedule

Who is eligible to use Tulane Telehealth?

Employees and their dependents insured by the Tulane BCBS plan can use Tulane Telehealth anytime, anywhere. Enter your Tulane insurance info upon registration. POS and HRA plan member visits are completely covered at $0 copay (HDHP pay $0 copay after deductible is met). Any non Tulane-insured employees and family can also use Tulane Telehealth by registering and adding their insurance information – standard copays, and any portion not covered under insurance, will be billed to the patient. A self-pay rate of $55 is available.

Who are the Tulane Telehealth on-demand providers?

Tulane Telehealth connects you to licensed providers from the Tulanae provider network and affiliated community providers. Our providers can diagnose, treat, and prescribe medication for your non-emergency conditions.

How do I set up my Tulane Telehealth account?

Setting up your account is a quick and easy process. Visit the Tulane Telehealth website or download the mobile app and click Register Your Account. You will be guided through step-by-step instructions. Be sure to select the ‘I am a Tulane Employee or System Patient’ button when adding yourself and your dependents and enter your Tulane insurance information.

What ages are covered by Tulane Telehealth’s network?

Tulane Telehealth currently provides quality care to all adults and children. Adults 18+ must register their own accounts. Patients 17 and under can be added to a parent/guardian account for access to care.

Will my Tulane single sign on (SSO) password work for Tulane Telehealth?

No. Tulane Telehealth passwords are exclusive to the Tulane Telehealth platform and are not single sign on (SSO) passwords. Visit the Tulane Telehealth website or mobile app to manage your password.

How do I request an on-demand visit?

Simply log into your account through the Tulane Telehealth website or mobile app and click “Request a Visit”.

Do Tulane Telehealth on-demand providers replace my regular doctor?

No. Tulane Telehealth on-demand providers do not replace your primary care doctor. Tulane Telehealth is here when you need immediate care for non-emergent medical issues. We’re an affordable, convenient alternative to Urgent Care and ER visits.

What is the cost of a virtual visit?

Employees and dependents insured by the Tulane BCBS plan can use Tulane Telehealth anytime, anywhere. POS and HRA plan member visits are completely covered at $0 copay (HDHP pay $0 copay after deductible is met.) Patients can add their insurance information – copays, and any portion not covered under insurance, will be billed to the patient. A self-pay rate of $55 is available.

How quickly can I talk to a provider?

On-demand visit requests are typically answered in 20 minutes or less – all while waiting in the comfort of your own space. Upon requesting a visit, you will be placed into our virtual waiting room until the next available provider answers. Make sure you allow notifications from the app, so you don’t miss when your provider is ready for you. Please do not cancel and re-request visits in an attempt to expedite wait times. Providers will answer on a first-come basis.

What if I miss my virtual visit?

The app will notify you when the provider is ready to see you. If you miss your visit, you will be returned to the end of the queue. The visit request will be cancelled if you miss the provider’s repeated attempts to connect with you. Be sure your mobile number is up to date in case the provider needs to contact you by phone.

Is there a time limit when talking with a provider?

There is no time limit for virtual visits with a provider.

Can a family member or caregiver join a patient’s telehealth visit?

Yes. You can easily invite an additional person to join your virtual visit.

Can Tulane Telehealth on-demand providers write prescriptions?

Yes. Providers can prescribe short-term medication for a wide range of conditions where medically appropriate, including certain refills. Tulane Telehealth providers do not prescribe controlled substances or lifestyle medications.

Can I provide virtual visit information to my doctor?

Yes. You have access to your Tulane Telehealth record at any time. Log into your account and view your visit history to download a copy of your visit information.

Can COVID-19 be treated by Tulane Telehealth?

Tulane Telehealth providers cannot order COVID-19 testing or any in-person COVID-19 treatments, such as infusions. Providers can advise on or prescribe treatment for COVID+ patients when appropriate. Employees should always follow the latest University guidelines in dealing with COVID-19 infection and reporting.

How secure is my visit?

Tulane Telehealth is fully HIPAA compliant and secure. You can be assured that your conversations with the clinician and your records are secure and private.

Need technical help?

For technical assistance, please contact Tulane Telehealth by email or phone: