Introductory Period

Your first six (6) months of employment are considered an introductory period during which time your work performance and suitability for employment are evaluated. The introductory period will end after six (6) months of continuous service without a break in service. Time on leave, with or without pay, is not counted towards completion of the introductory period. New employees and rehired employees are all subject to the introductory period.

Employment is not guaranteed for the duration of the introductory period and an employee may be terminated at any time during the introductory period or thereafter without notice. Such termination shall not be subject to the University’s disciplinary or grievance procedures.

Successful completion of the introductory period does not guarantee continued or permanent employment. Under extenuating circumstances (for example, if your supervisor changes), a department may, after consultation with the Office of Human Resources, extend your introductory period for a specified period of time not to exceed ninety (90) days.

Questions about the introductory period should be directed to the Employee Relations team in the Office of Human Resources, 504-865-4748.

Staff Handbook