Tuition Waiver Steps

Tuition Waivers must be completed and turned in EVERY semester, and only for the CURRENT semester. 

Below are the steps eligible employees should consider before submitting a waiver for you or your dependents:

  1. Register with Tulane University as a student in an approved Program
  2. Obtain a Student Banner #
  3. Register for classes - you or your dependent must be ENROLLED in a course/s before applying for the waiver. If you submit the waiver without a course attached, there will be no tuition to waive, and it can be missed. 
  4. For Dependents: Proof of Dependency must be submitted every semester before you can request a wavier for your dependent. The proof of dependency is your most recent tax return where the dependent is listed on it. 
  5. Apply in Gibson Online for a Tuition Waiver. All Tuition Waivers go directly to Accounts Receivable for processing. The Benefits Team does not see or have access to them. 
  6. FOR GRAD STUDENTS ONLY: Send your Affidavit of Qualification for Tax Exemption AND a job description that is signed by both you and your supervisor to TUBenefitsPlease keep in mind that the confirmation emails do not have to be sent out until after the form closes and any confirmation email sent before the form closes is a courtesy.

Graduate Students: 

The deadline for submitting the Affidavit of Qualification for Tax Exemption Form and signed job description is the same as that of the Tuition Waiver Form for each semester. Please return the form to TUBenefits in Human Resources. 

How to Enroll?

For Staff and Faculty: we suggest going through SOPA, or the School of Professional Advancement, as they are geared towards specifically helping Tulane employees on their educational journey as part-time students while being a working professional. They also have a very nice, easy to follow admissions process on their site at

For Dependent Spouses and Children: they will need to go through the Office of Undergrad Admission at

For more information, please see page 57 of the Staff Handbook. You can also check out these Frequently Asked Questions

Please keep in mind:

  • Value of the waiver:
    • The amount of the waiver for a dependent will equal the total tuition for the courses, which the student is enrolled in for the semester at the time of posting.
    • The amount of the waiver for an employee is equal to two classes or six hours (with the two most expensive classes being credited first) at the time of posting.
  • If you have issues with the amount waived: Since students may be adding and dropping classes, the credit may not cover all of the courses available for waiver. If you have questions concerning the value of the credit, please contact: Account Receivable at 504-865-5368
  • Tax Returns:
    Attach a copy of your most recent Federal Income Tax Return indicating that the student was claimed as a dependent. You may blackout all financial information and Social Security Numbers. Please do not include schedules and supporting forms.

More Information:

You can click “Previous Request” to view the status of your waiver. The status and definition are shown below:


 Steps   Status Definition
 1  Requested  You have submitted your waiver successfully in your Gibson Self-Service account. (You and/or your dependent/s must be enrolled in a course/courses before requesting the waiver.)
 2  HR Approval  HR has to approve documents that shows a student is a dependent when requesting the Dependent Waiver. 
 3  Approved  HR approved the proof of dependency (most recent tax return) and employee can now submit waiver. You will receive a confirmation email from EBS. 
 4  Declined  HR declined the documents submitted and has provided additional information in the notes regarding the reason for declining the documents. The employee must resubmit and provide requested information.
 5  AR Complete  Accounts Receivable has posted the waiver. Please reach out to to check the status of the waiver.


**If you decide to withdraw the waiver prior to posting you can click the button under “Withdraw” -- the button will go away and the waiver “Status” will be updated.

What to do if you have questions?

If you have any questions about this program, please call the Tulane Benefits Department at 504-865-4748(HR4U) or email at